Front Desk Housekeeping Valet/Bellman Event Assistant Maintenance Bartender Barista Bookkeeper for Quickbooks

Positions Open


Requirements: knowledge of general office machines, extremely organized, pleasant attitude, works without supervision, goal-oriented, knowledge of Grimes County and Brazos Valley and events, good communication skills, ability to work within a budget. Must be dependable and timely. 

Event Administrative Assistant duties are:
Marketing - Research and secure events for hotel through ads, social media, e-mails, cold calls, personal contact and other means of communication. Assist hotel manager to update and monitor daily the P.A. Smith website and social media accounts. Attend Grimes Co. Chamber events and secure relationships with area event venues, concert halls, theaters, fairgrounds, bridal shoppes and other locations where events are held, to promote economic development of the hotel. 

Events - Research and book entertainment for events for hotel. Advertise and promote events using creativity. Organize hotel events through flow charts accessible by hotel manager. Contact local rental supply agencies for rentals of tables, linens, supplies, etc. and negotiate best rate for events. Create events calendars for hotel manager, beverage manager and restaurant manager. 

Front desk - Answer phones, make reservations, receive payments, through POS system, check guests in/out. Update inhouse monitors with current events and ads for hotel. Assist in monitoring incoming e-mails and respond in a timely manner. 

In-house Concierge - Know Brazos Valley area. Communicate to guests current activities and events, obtain tickets/directions for guests and answer questions in confident, pleasant manner.

Housekeeping Supervision - supervise housekeepers to assure hotel is clean, dust-free and orderly. Set up system to assure each stateroom is clean, paying attention to details before guests arrive. Order and keep inventory of cleaning supplies. Create and adhere to schedule with laundry service for linens. Create and maintain inventory of linens. 

Catering - Assist lead caterer during catering events and be able to fill in at Red Board Tavern as schedule allows and when necessary.


Requirements: BA degree or 2 years in bookkeeping field. Knowledge of Quickbooks. Dependable, prompt, highly organized with attention to detail, must have references. 

Bookkeeper duties include:

Obtaining and organizing for safekeeping receipts and financial records 

Organizing the receipts/income/financial data through data entry into QuickBooks and working with accountants to assure taxes, fees, etc., are paid in a timely manner. 

Accounts payable/Accounts receivable



Requirements: Prompt, courteous, detail-oriented, goal-oriented, team player. Speaking and writing English. Must be dependable, trustworthy and present a clean appearance. 

Housekeeping duties are:

Work with other housekeepers in cleaning 13 staterooms including changing bed linens, cleaning bathrooms, hallways, floors and common areas in a timely manner. Wash, dry and stock napkins, paper, towels and robes. Wash minimal dishware in staterooms and stock refrigerators. Keep inventory of cleaning supplies and toiletries.


Requirements: Prompt, courteous, detail oriented, goal oriented, team player. Speaking and writing English. Must be dependable, trustworthy and present a clean appearance. 

Housekeeping duties are:

Work with other housekeepers in cleaning common areas. Includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming and polishing. Must keep adequate inventory of cleaning supplies and toiletries.


Requirements: HS Diploma. Valid driver's license. Must agree to background check including driving record. Ability and willingness to work in inclement or hot weather. Ability to communicate in friendly, clear and concise manner. Pleasant personality a must. Must know Brazos Valley geographical area and stay abreast of ongoing and upcoming events of interest to patrons. 

Valet/Bellman/Barista duties are: 
Secure vehicles for guests. Assist guest with luggage, packages, coats, etc., into lugage check/coat closet. Keep front sidewalk and nearby areas, front windows, columns, and column lighting of hotel clean and free of debris at all times. Assist guests with loading and unloading luggage and transport luggage to staterooms upon request. Make room service deliveries to guest rooms. Attend front coffee/snack/wine bar when needed.