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Don't Mess with Gladys

Gladys eventually married Hamer. But story goes, she was having problems in her previous husband who she had 2 daughters with. During their troubles, she moved herself and daughters back home to her father's ranch. Somewhere she encountered Hamer and started to fall in love. Rumor got back to her husband, and he came to the Ranch to stir up trouble and take his daughters. This resulted in a scuffle with Gladys because the daughters resisted going with their dad. This escalated to the point Gladys pulled out a pistol and shot him in the arm. The argument grew louder so Gladys's brother brought out a shotgun and killed the man. Court ruled because trespassing and the children's custody that both Gladys and her brother would be set free. So, the name is Don't Mess with Gladys because not only will she shoot you, but she will get away with it!


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